Vision, mission and values

Our vision

“We help farmers to work better by increasing daily yield and animal wellness”.

Milkline is the reference Brand for today's farmer.
We propose innovative, effective, and reliable solutions and services that ensure high quality and safe production for the farmer.

Our mission

Milkline is the Italian company that, since 1976, sees the stages of milk production as a key point in the food chain. Milkline proposes a qualitative offer made of innovative products and integrated solutions. Innovation, commitment, and passion inspire our way of being and identify the people we work with. Milkline has always paired its development to the benefit of the client.

Our values

Quality and innovation - Excellence starts here
Milkline develops cutting-edge technology by finding innovative solutions which are tailored to the real needs of the farmer and designed to ensure high quality and safe production.
Our goal is to offer excellent quality without compromise, developed from constant research, with attention to details and rigorous product testing.
Organization and teamwork - Together we reach further
The Milkline team is made up of different people, who are respected and appreciated for their individuality. It is from the unique quality of each member that new ideas, solutions and novelties may originate, benefiting the whole group.
Passion - The core technology
Passion is the driving force behind our work, it is what continuously takes us one step further, towards perpetually higher goals. It is from the engagement and dedication of each Milkline team member that the most innovative ideas originate.
Client focus - High technology for the ease of use
Customer satisfaction is our first goal: being aware of the high standard our clients expect from us, we always give our best, constantly ensuring high quality standards and providing clear and transparent information about our products. Because the client is not only a recipient, but an integral part of our business. That's why they deserve the best.
Autonomy - Free to think big
Milkline has solid, sturdy foundations and can rely on its unique expertise and team of brilliant and practical collaborators, who in the course of time have contributed to build an autonomous and independent business.

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