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Milkline's Heatime® HR Plug&Play system installed at “Labor” Farm in Saratov oblast’

The Livestock Farm “Trudovoj” (a name that can be translated as “Labor”) in Marx township, Saratov governorate, is well known in Russia as a major farm that consistently and competently adopts herd management systems. With more than 4600 head, it is one of the most thriving businesses in the heifer market. The Stud Farm has long and successfully been working with Heatime® H tags from SCR, MILKLINE global partner.

The tag enables continuous online monitoring of individual cows to identify those that are going into heat, thus ensuring that they are inseminated at the best time. This is critical information for the Farm, where heifers are as important as milk production.

At the end of July, MILKLINE's Heatime® HR Plug&Play system was installed by the engineers of MILKINE Russia. The Farm management have chosen the Long-Distance configuration with two antennas. The configuration allows monitoring all the cows found in the area covered by the signal, providing continuous online heat and health status information to the herd manager. Since the area covered by each antenna has a range of 200 m, coverage exceeds 12 hectares.

We're confident that our Heatime® HR Plug&Play system will afford optimum management and help our friends and partners improve and augment their milking herd.

Photo 1. A young heifer wearing its tag. The system provides a flow of information that can be read by the herd manager every minute
Photo 2. The HEATIME® terminal, the system’s brain
Photo 3. A double antenna configuration allows accurate coverage of the farm area. The system can pick up the tag signal even when animals are standing behind the thick barn walls Photo 4. Laying the cable routing from the terminal to the antennas
Photo 5. Signal testing Photo 6. Installation complete. Everything works perfectly guarantees Mike Strelnikov, chief engineer of MILKLINE Russia
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