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Milkline celebrates its 40 years of business

On September 16th, 2016, Milkline celebrated its 40 years in business (1976-2016).

These 40 years activity represent a great achievement and are the result of a business carried out with perseverance, passion, quality and tenacity.
Daniele Ratti, the company's founder, started his enterprise in 1976 by signing an agreement with a German company for the distribution of their spare parts in Italy. Over the years, step by step, the company has grown and today offers innovative solutions for dairy farming, exporting its products all over the world.

Deeply-rooted, attentive to the quality of its services, to the innovation and to the relationship with the customer, Milkline looks confidently to the future, relying on the younger generation: Matteo, Valentina and all the employees, who together make a great team. Milkline is a good example of successful business management and could be a model for young private companies which struggle to assert themselves on the market.

The Milkline's celebration party was attended by all the employees, collaborators and friends who supported and contributed to the Milkline's development and growth during these 40 years.

Dr Daniele Ratti retraced the Milkline's history from its foundation and awarded prizes to his employees. The delicious dinner and the musical entertainment made this event a special and funny moment for all the people involved.

Daniele Ratti and Rossana Vernizzi, his wife always at his side, would like to thank all the participants and invite them to celebrate once again with them the first 40 years of Milkline.


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